Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hamleys and Us

We stepped into Hamleys to get a jigsaw puzzle. 5000 pieces. It doesn't look easy. The Aunts are insistent that we can complete it in 4 nights. Okaaay. If they say so!

I remember nights as a child when I would sit down with them and compete to finish my allocated area in the shortest time possible. The 4 of us are very good puzzle-solvers. I'm quite confident that it would be finished by the time I leave London. The Aunts would have it framed, and mail it over to Singapore.

As a child, there's something magical about going to a toy store and picking out what I want. As one gets older, there's no more magic. Still, there's something wondrous about walking into a store with 4 levels of toys, poking the animals and staring at the various board games, display pieces and all.

At Hamleys, they try to re-create that sort of magic. No better time than Christmas. Regent Street and its surrounding shopping areas already have a festive vibe. The sales staff make noise, run around and are generally entertaining. It makes for a good vibe. The colors, of course, are the accompaniment to the whole shopping experience. I kinda had fun strolling through each floor to see what they have. Actually, I think Toys R Us stock a wider range of toys..... I was hoping to find some specialty children's toys, but naaah. It's too commercial and there aren't many choices.


sinlady said...

awww...they do x'mas commercialism sooo well still. (think of us on Orchard Road).

imp said...

sinlady: some places r okay. quite like fantasyland and it does evoke a nostalgic sort of christmas. but other places don't do it so well.