Saturday, November 20, 2010

Movies, Gigs And The Theatre

Between the movies, gigs and the West End shows, I've been kept busy most evenings. If there's a toss-up between an event or a fancy dinner out, I'll choose to go for the former. Very easy choice. The restaurants will be there, somehow. Even if it closes down, there'll be another equivalent or better. The industry is about change and innovating to suit the customers' demands. I'm ambivalent about food like that. But an event, is an event and I might never catch it again. Even it does repeat, it'll never be identical.

So many things to watch and so little time! And unfortunately, I'll also miss many shows that will do its winter run soon. Such a pity! There're many good things to watch. I should stay in London for 2 months at a stretch, just so I could catch most of the stuff I want! Not to mention I would have plenty of time to do group hacks and become a totally savvy horse-rider by then. I've been riding since I was a little kid, but not that often to be really good at it. I'm very comfortable on a horse, but not as familiar as I'd have liked.

The one thing I'm very deprived of at home is being able to catch good plays. Here, I'm overdosing on it. Weekends are absolutely filled! Accomplice, An Ideal Husband, Blood and Gifts, Broken Glass, Charged, Death Trap, Hamlet and Yes, Prime Minister. Then, there're the ballet and the opera- Sylvia and Romeo et Juliette. Totally West End-ed and Royal-ed out.

The weather station predicts snow next week. I don't really care. As far as I'm concerned, I don't like snow. If I have to have snow, I better be either skiing on it, or snowboarding down across it. Which reminds me, I've been rusty in these 2 sports. All those training. To think I used to spend up to 4 hours each session on the slopes. Woah. Time to re-awaken the muscles for the next vacation, and be prepared to lose all my toenails and break a couple of fingernails.

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