Saturday, November 20, 2010

Hummus Bros, Of Course

Despite the exciting food scene in London, we won't forget Hummus Bros. We're still fond of its simple menu which meets all our needs for late night dining. The outlet at Soho closes late. Perfect for proper post-theatre bites. Rather than eating shite food across the street at Chinatown, we come here because the hummus hit a sweet spot. Hummus, carrot sticks and pita bread are beautiful.

We always make the effort to hop into Hummus Bros at least twice in the course of a trip. I take my seat along the window and I've got that aloe vera juice with honey and grape thingy which is totally thirst quenching and refreshing. Guacamole and mushroom are usually what I order. If you must know, they do hummus in chicken and chunk beef too. Apparently it's nice. The man likes the beef because it reminds him of beef stew.

Go crazy on the pita bread that comes hot to the touch. You can always walk it off later. But we make the mistake of piling on the calories with "just one more beer" on the way out of Soho. It's never just one. More like two.

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