Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Glasshouse

After visiting friends at Kew Gardens, we hopped into The Glasshouse for dinner. It's not an unfamiliar restaurant to us. We've eaten there twice previously. We like it because it's kinda out of town and still sorta casual.

As sister restaurant to La Trompette and Chez Bruce, The Glasshouse offers a twist to the traditional flavors of modern European cuisine. These 3 restaurants have distinctly different contemporary influences fused with classical French style cooking.

The Glasshouse uses alot of Asian tones in its menu. There was a starter of sashimi of seabass with wasabi mayonaise, shrimp beignet and guacamole, grilled mackerel and miso, oyster dressing, shiso leaf and crisy squid. The friends loved it. I'm totally in love with my starter of cep and potato soup with cheese and mushroom brioche. It was excellent! I did tell them to go easy on the cream though.

Apparently this restaurant is known for its slow-cooked pork belly. Oooh. None of us ordered it. The others went for chicken leg, roast loin of venison, duck margret and steamed plaice. My wild silver mullet had fine herbs and bok choi. The base of brown shrimp and bisque risotto was rather fishy, but tasty. It was a bisque after all. I got used to it rather quickly, and it went swimmingly with the fish. And the bok choi was really quite refreshing! Everyone was most satisfied with the evening meal.

I couldn't do dessert on my own and had to share. 4 of us shared a plate of port roast plums with warm cinnamon beignets and creme fraiche ice-cream. What ice-cream?! It was creme fraiche pure! I like the roast plums because they're tart and the whole thing isn't too sweet. But I could only manage 3 bites before calling it quits and paying attention to the wine. We had so much wine that night. White, red and sweet. Whewwww.

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