Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What, Noodles?!

I'm not really sure what got into the man. I woke up and found him in the kitchen chopping up ingredients and using tons of vinegar to prepare what looks suspiciously like a Chinese meal.

He was trying out Momofuku's Ginger Scallion Noodles! Alamak. He's not known to be intuitive when it comes to cooking Asian. He doesn't cook Asian food, period. I always think he should stick to western. But he's just a curious boy. Thou shalt not dampen enthusiasm.

Ummmm.......unfortunately for him, this creation tastes nowhere near the original. Not that I'm looking for the same flavors, but there's too much of an emphasis on the ginger and vinegar. In fact, the whole dish tasted of nothing but ginger and sherry vinegar. The mushrooms were too pickled and the bamboo shoots were too salty. :p Actually, it tasted more Japanese than Chinese. There were Japanese cucumbers, soy and seaweed. Maybe that's why.

He wants to attempt this again. And I think this round, he's going to garner more guinea pigs for an even distribution of opinions. Hmmm. I told him to roast a chicken as a back-up dish. He says I'm too critical. What?! I'm being honest!


Pebbles said...

How? Nice anot? Looks yummy to me. Heh!

JoMel said...

tell him, the egg looks really good! makes the whole dish looks tempting! :D

tuti said...

you are scathingly merciless, LOL!!

imp said...

pebbles: cannot pass. :p

jomel: he's been practising very hard and can now poach eggs and do sunny-side ups in all manner!

tuti: hahaha. otherwise, how to improve! must give honest and constructive feedback.

sinlady said...

back up dish?! haha.

imp said...

sinlady: must lah! we're so over ordering pizza if a dish fails. heh.