Friday, December 17, 2010

The Chicken Stew

Out of the blue, we're bestowed with a fabulous Eurasian chicken stew, courtesy of a very gracious, generous and lovely lady. She's taught me much in the ways of fair business, friendship and warmth. The man and I wish to make time to visit more often besides at Christmas and her birthday! It's just very comfortable to sit and chat about everything and nothing in particular.

That delicious smell coming out of the foil was killing us! It was still warm and just right to be eaten. We had dinner scheduled, but we were determined to have a bite of that stew first! It wouldn't be right to stuff it in the fridge fresh! We were willing the lights to turn green in our favor all the way home. I kept thinking of it as a pie because of its crust!

"It's just a chicken stew", the lady said. Well, it's definitely more than just a chicken stew. It was a good one! We ate it with some pieces of brown bread. Homecooked goodness. Awesome. That gravy wasn't so much of gravy, but more like chicken soup. How perfect for a rainy evening.

The man's parents were somehow staying in for dinner. On a Friday night! They usually party harder than we do! They were just wondering what to cook when we came back with this surprise gift of a stew. They appreciated it too, and while we strolled to dinner, they polished off a good half with thick slabs of sourdough. I was most tickled that the man made a special phonecall home and left strict instructions for everyone not to finish the stew and to leave him a bit for breakfast the next morning. Heh.

What a beautiful Christmas present. Thank you, B. We is now have happy stomachs.


tuti said...

waaa, envies the stew lah.

JoMel said...

for someone who avoids chicken, that's compliment of the highest order! heehee!! :D

imp said...

tuti + jomel: :D