Saturday, December 18, 2010

Dinner Across The Bridge

The friends were up for a drive across the Causeway for a zi char dinner. We had a craving for San Low's fried bee hoon. I'm no expert on bee hoon, but I simply love this version that's just so damn tasty. I wonder if they wash the wok at all. Hmmmm.

We don't bother with what's good and what's not across the Causeway, and we definitely don't go out of our way to find it. We're not foodies. We'll just stick to what we know and be done with it. Food's just food at the end of the day. If I like it, that's done. I don't need the best of everything. It's very tiring to talk to someone who keeps asking me if I've had this, had that, gone to this restaurant and that. It's quite off-putting. Your tastebuds aren't mine. What's best to me won't be deemed best in your books.

There was a ridiculous amount of dishes on the table! I seriously dig that deep fried squid and black pepper crayfish. Nobody fancied the crab here at all, so they took cereal prawns instead. They tried some wild boar stir-fry thingy. They said it tasted like venison. Well, it was probably tenderized to the pulp till there wasn't much difference in the taste of wild boar or venison when cooked this way.

We never quite remember the names of the roads or the address of San Low. We just go. The route via Woodlands is always so crowded. So we've come to prefer to hit Johor Bahru via Tuas. It's such a cheap thrill to successfully arrive at San Low each time. Heh. So this is another Christmas dinner that's awesome. No gift exchanges necessary. It's the company and time spent with one another that is always appreciated, and not just at Christmas.

We ate for 2 hours straight. Totally busted the calories. By the time we rolled out of Johor Bahru, we were stuffed to the brim. I couldn't even think about food for the next day, or the next. Thank goodness we had no huge meals planned with anyone for the next 48 hours.


tuti said...

no traffic jam is the best!
the bee hoon must really be something!

imp said...

tuti: hehh. We really really like that bee hoon!

blobber78 said...

u like zi char? I thought u no like this sort of chinese food =P

sinlady said...

so long as you still find it fun to go there for a meal, enjoy the adventure :)

imp said...

blobber78: i don't. i was there for the company. i ate 3 dishes out of the 11 on the table. so long the others like the food, that's priority.

sinlady: the adventure it is always!