Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Hanging Out In The East

[After the renovation of Bedok food center in 2016, the porridge stall still exists and is still good.]

I dug out the Salomons and wiped down the ball bearings. It's been a long long time since I skated. I used to skate on Sunday mornings. Then the travelling got crazy, the work hours got in the way and all I wanted to do on Sunday mornings was to sleep in or do other stuff, like brunch or getting out of a hangover.

The weather was perfect today. It remained blissfully overcast with nary a drop of rain. So I took a chance and scuttled off to East Coast Park for a bit. No marathon diversions or barricades, not much pedestrian traffic and very few bicycles lurking. It was so empty. BEST! Oh, the feel of the wind in the hair and face. A good 25km. It was such a rejuvenating workout!

Then I headed to the club to cool down with a long leisurely swim under a speckle of drizzle. The water was surprisingly warm-ish even though there hadn't been much of the sun all day. I changed out and was headed home when the friends insisted on going all the way to Bedok to eat porridge at this particular stall. I was like, why ah, so good meh? Isn't there porridge elsewhere? Since I was in the area and dinner didn't involve a mega meal, I didn't protest too much and hopped along with the friends.

Bedok isn't our 'hood, but we easily found the stall at the hawker centre- 欣美粥品 (Xin Mei Congee)! Done Cantonese chook style, that porridge is something. Such simple food, but utmost pleasure derived. Everyone chowed down and was pleased with what met their tastebuds. I'm definitely very happy with my bowl of fish slices and century eggs.

欣美粥品 (Xin Mei Congee)
Blk 207 New Upper Changi Road
#01-22 (Stall Number), next to Bedok bus interchange/MRT train station and Bedok Mall
Singapore 460207


ice said...

imp, go check out my favorite canto porridge stall, Ah Chiang’s Porridge 阿昌粥. It's just a stone's throw away from 40 hands at Blk 65 Tiong Poh Road. The porridge is Canto-style cooked using the traditional charcoal stove, smoothest ever, no msg. Their fish belly and fishhead porridge are awesome! My favorites. You can have your combi with century eggs too. (:

ice said...

Oh I forgot to add. Have the raw fish salad to go with your porridge and you'll have a happy belly. (:

imp said...

ice: OOH! Thanks ice! I'll certainly check that out. I keep hearing about this porridge at Tiong Bahru, but I've absolutely no idea which one and where exactly.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the address! i'll be popping down to try! ;P

imp said...

D: oh you're back! welcome home for a bit!

b.muse said...

I was just thinking that I miss skating with you!! Haha, ECP on weekdays are the BEST for speeding on the wheelies! :D

Pebbles said...

I must try this!

imp said...

b.muse: yah lor!

pebbles: go!