Monday, December 27, 2010

Finding The Book

The friends have a trove of cooking books. They use it religiously, pick out and put together different recipes for a homecooked dinner. Nothing is too much or too difficult for them to churn out.

The man picked up the friend's copy of Heston Blumenthal's 'The Big Fat Duck's Cookbook' to browse. He hasn't read it before. So while waiting for dinner to be ready, he was merrily checking out the words and all. It's a beautiful book.

As he flipped, he was like, "These illustrations are very Dave McKean." He flipped to the front and went ahhhh. Of course. If you're a fan of his graphic novels, you'll be able to identify his trademark style in his illustrations anywhere.

I thought I'd get the man a book for Christmas. But I was thwarted because he said he didn't exactly fancy the recipes. Oh well. The illustrations are really gorgeous though. Would be quite nice to put it on the shelves and take it out to stare once in a while. Aiyah. Fail. I shall toddle down to the bookshops to check it out anyway. If they don't stock it, I'll turn to Amazon or something.

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