Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I'd Say It's Enough For Now

This purchase wraps up the whole lot of multiples in different colors and styles from Hermès. I'm a boring shopper. 

Done with the mad acquisition. I've been a closet nutcase this year, almost obsessively amassing the classics I like. There is absolutely no more space in the wardrobe. And dare I say there's nothing else I want from this sphere.

I love black the way I like no other color. Black anchors them all.


tuti said...

ooooo.. soft black on top of it.

wildgoose said...

Is that the Lindy? Hermes is classic, esp in black. You'll never tire of them.

supercoati said...

I'm still waiting for my black. It's stuck in the warehouse in Paris because of the snow! *wails*

imp said...

tuti: heeee. very squishy.

wildgoose: i'm very fond of the Lindy. Not so much of the Birkin and Kelly. Those don't feel very me. I feel awkward in them.

supercoati: oh dear. when did you put in the order? i didn't get this in London. i collected the etouope there in Nov. this black is procured from sgp, a couple of days ago. i didn't order. it was on a whim and there were 2 pieces in stock at the MBS branch. they gave me one and said the other piece has been reserved. may yours arrive soon.