Thursday, December 23, 2010

Big Tummy!

While a girlfriend and I quibbled over lamps, the other one swished around zen-like, picking out items she would need for her babies. I'm happy to see her walking around without too much difficulty.

She's been terrified about turning into a whale during the pregnancy. I've always teased her to say I'll draw her a whale in her third trimester. I haven't done so because she's nowhere like one! I'll draw her a curvy mermaid with a sexy tummy bump. Her increase in weight has all gone to the babies. With all that swimming, she's looking tanned and trim. And she's got color in her cheeks and lips. Very nice.

She let me rub her tummy and I hollered at the babies inside. Such fun! Does that make me want one? Hell, no. I want to see hers and pull their ears. Heeeee. I want play-time, and then return them to the parents at the end of the afternoon! Best.

She hasn't had the easiest of pregnancies and she's been through so much. It must be such a constant struggle to stay positive even though there's a ton of 'what ifs and hows' going through her mind. There's nothing more that I could wish for her this Christmas than to have a safe and smooth delivery in 2 months.



sinlady said...

babies??? wow!!

imp said...

sinlady: yah. plural. heeeee.

tuti said...

so cool!
wish your gf safe deliver(ies). :)

imp said...

tuti: she will read this and your well wishes. :) thanks.