Thursday, December 23, 2010

A Lamp

It was just one of them random conversations. But the girlfriend remembered this nugget and insisted on dragging me down to Ikea to get a new lamp.

I love Ikea lamps. The super cheap but totally utilitarian one at home lasted for 3 years with only 2 changes of lightbulbs. It's just a little wobbly, but nothing a screwdriver, cables and superglue can't fix. So after having it wobble for months, I finally got around to setting it straight. It works alright.

Still, the girlfriend decided that she would get both of us a Christmas present- more for the man than anything, simply because he uses the lamp to read into the night. We've got tiny reading lights, but the lamp will work on most nights. It's more powerful! So she thinks the man's very poor thing because I don't want to give him a new lamp. Wahahahahaha.

With a single-minded focus, the girlfriend determinedly drove to Ikea to pick out this out for us. I told her wryly, "You know I'm the one who's gonna have to fix this right?" She gleefully nodded and retorted, "You'll enjoy that anyway!" Okay, true, that.

I'll let giggly-wobbly lamp stand for a bit. After Christmas and at the turn of the decade, I'll squat down and fix up this new pretty steel thing. It'll be almost fun. And I can expect no help from the man. Except a possible "very nicely done woman!" Chehh.


sinlady said...

g/f is right. the man very poor thing! happy xmas, you two!! :):):)

tuti said...

heehee. you assemble furniture, he cooks. :X

imp said...

sinlady: OEH! Heh. Happy Xmas to ya and the man too! to non-toxic friends aye.

tuti: YAH LOR!