Friday, December 24, 2010

Red, Green, Silver And Gold

It must be a sign of age. I keep wanting to spend all these festive occasions quietly, not even with the friends. The man and I spend the other 363 days of the year with our friends. As much as we love them, we don't need to stick to one another's ass at Christmas.

Nowadays, I'm wary of social conversations because I don't seem to be as tactful as before. I might just blurt out true opinions that aren't exactly politically correct. It's a constant struggle sometimes, to stay cheery. By nature, I don't belong to any camp of optimism. We count our blessings and try not to get too depressed with the state of the world.

In what I do outside of the job, my faith is consistently renewed through heartfelt examples of human tales. I believe, cautiously so. Have I ever struggled with principles and morality? Hell, yes. For a long while. Life is never simple is it? There will be darkness and there will be dungeons. How long can peace last? How far can light reach? I've got a good balance now, but I'm not complacent about it. Each Christmas, I try to re-affirm my beliefs and renew that faith, although I admit, both get eroded with the passing of time.

Christmas Eve. We're here again. Have a good one, y'all.


tuti said...

Merry Christmas, Imp!
It has been fun reading you. And thanks for keeping this blog open.
I look forward to clicking you each day. If you see your stats counter, you will probably faint, as I think I'm qualified enough to be your virtual stalker, haha.

wildgoose said...

Merry Christmas, imp! Surround yourself with optimistic ppl. :)

sinlady said...

merry christmas, g/f. we are all doing well, and i want that we appreciate that all year long. *hugs*

imp said...

tuti: blessed Christmas to you too. am always glad to see you come by and read your posts.

wildgoose: to us all. :)

sinlady: indeed, indeed. hugs loads to ya.