Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Art Of Delegating

Agency X complained to high heaven to Agency Y and Z that our organization pressurized them to do a task that they didn't want at such last minute notice. They put it in not very nice words.

Of course I got wind of it. I was quite miffed. Excuse me, I did mention that Agency X had the right of choice and could say no. If they have an issue, they should have told us that in the face and not whine to a hundred people about how overbearing we are. We simply asked a question. Never mind, I'll let it go and remember how lucky we are to have covered our asses in black and white.

Anyway, Agency X farmed out the task to Agency Y. Agency Y was fine doing it. And a line in the email made me screech with laughter and promptly shared this with the colleagues.

Agency X: We're quite busy during this period. We can't spare the manpower nor resources to do it.

Agency Y: Okay then. We're fine with it. We'll do it.

Agency X: Good. Let me know when you're doing it. We would like to sit in for that 3 hours.

Well. Well done.


corsage said...



eveeleva said...

GROSS lah!

imp said...

corsage: seriously. and the resource persons who would have done the task were the ones who asked to be present. tsk.

eveeleva: YAH LOR.

kachunknorge said...

I scent micro-management at work here. The myopic kind.

Pebbles said...

OK, this might sound rude but WTF?

pinkclothmicrophone said...

*rolls eye*

imp said...

kachunknorge: whatever man. i'm just rolling my eyes.

pebbles: naah, not rude. but so annoying that's how most of these departments function. ah well.

pinkclothmicrophone: tell me about it. gaaah.

sinlady said...


imp said...

sinlady: hehe indeed.