Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Farewell 'Party'

I sternly told the office to do nothing for me by way of farewell. A card was more than treasured. I didn't think I would be up for any sentimental talk. I might just cry. Arrrrgh.

Still, I knew something was up today. I've got a week more to go. But zipping between meetings and having some colleagues travelling meant we're short on dates to sit down for a chat even. The colleagues could only pull a last minute thing. And that tactic worked. They picked a really 'strategic' date to do this today. Clever people.

The colleagues kept it so low-key that I could not protest. It was literally one drink. :) Two, for some of us. Those who don't normally drink, took a cup too. Some couldn't drink because they had to attend an evening work event that didn't permit suspiciously flushed red faces. I couldn't stop laughing when I saw the carton of Coke Zero. What's up with that man! It was just a loud "Cheers", and that was that. Nothing more on the subject was said, and we talked about other stuff. They kept it short too. Awesome.

Am touched by colleagues' well-meaning gift. They didn't just randomly buy an item. I voiced violent objections to gifts. Did they listen? No. They thought about it, went out together to get me a nice white Nike jacket in the right size! How to say no to such a thoughtful gift? Luckily they didn't buy it in S. They somehow decided to buy it in M, which is a perfect fit. S would have been too small. Now, I need to find a slot to wear it and grab a nice photo.


ame said...

is that kenny rogers corn muffin i see..??! i din get one!

imp said...

ame: oh! hehehehe. we buy for you next time okay. we shared and ate them all!

eveeleva said...

can't believe i missed it! tsk!

shall we do lunch soon, before i pop... ?

imp said...

eveeleva: yes! i come look for you! now i feel a stab of self-pity for having no driving licence! i want to drive you girls around also cannot.

sinlady said...

they kept it simple and sweet :) nice!

imp said...

sinlady: most thoughtful of them.