Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bought Shoes

When I mentioned about the ridiculous prices of Tory Burch ballet flats at the boutique, the girlfriend smacked me. What did I do?! She glared at me. "Don't you get them online? Anyway, don't you know anything? It's on sale right now! There's the sign right there. 30% off and more."

Oh. Of course I dunno lah. I'm not a serious shopper! Yes, I get my supplies online, but hey, things are always kinda interesting if you do see them physically. Anyway, I was just passing by that day and didn't bother to walk in. I knew its prices from the online forums.

We had an hour or so to spare before heading to the airport. The man dragged me to the mall. I wasn't the least bit interested in getting clothes or whatever. I was in such a good mood that I didn't want to let mindless shopping spoil it. But I didn't mind going to 2 shops and to buy chocolate from La Maison du Chocolat. We went into the Tory Burch boutique and looked at the prices properly. After the discounts, the prices were comparable to US retail prices, and cheaper than whatever the online spree stores in Singapore offer. Items on discounts at the shop were limited in range and sizes though.

The man was quite hilarious. He was more enthusiastic about getting those shoes than I. He scanned the shelves and pronounced, "Grey, red, orange, gold, silver and blue!" He knew I wasn't about to cart shoeboxes home, and instructed the sales executives to dump the boxes, stuff the flats well, and wrap them up. I just sat on the couch in mild amusement. He even insisted on carrying my paper bag around the mall like it's a man-bag. Dohhh.


celcilia_tjioe said...

Wat a darling partner u have, imp!

imp said...

celcilia: hehe. i think it's because he rarely shops with me, or even see me shop, that's probably why he's more enthusiastic about it.

tuti said...

you so deserve to be spoilt. because you are nice lah.

lilsnooze said...

The shoes look comfy!

imp said...

tuti: you also very nice wat.

lilsnooze: they are! the sole is kinda rubber and don't need additional stickers for protection. very practical. i was surprised they fit my broad feet with bunions and all.