Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Civil(ized) Evening

It was completely unnecessary, but for old times' sake, we went to The Chinnery. We like it because it's quaint, and totally locked in time- those dark wood glossy finish, booth seats and heavy silver cutlery. The overhead lamps at each table weren't retro though.

The man said it reminded him of the servers at the Singapore Swimming Club in the olden days when they dressed in suits. So the waiters were clearly more dressed up than we were. I was just in jeans, tee and a cardigan! The only concessions to being slightly dressy were my bag and heels.

The menu is as conservative as it gets, sticking to traditional gastropub food, not so much of the modern fare we know today. Their fish and chips were beautifully fried. However, they stated the use of cod, and I'm not a huge fan of cod. For some unknown reason, the smell and taste of cod are quite a turn-off nowadays. I miss having a simple haddock or plaice for fish and chips.

The list of whisky is quite impressive. Naturally, there will be a number of selections that we haven't tried before. But a gentleman's pour, is overpriced in comparison to Singapore bars. Still, we had a dram each. Couldn't quite resist it.


Pebbles said...

I like your outfit! Simple and most importantly, you look nice.

imp said...

Pebbles: thanks! I like dressing down and getting away with it as casual as I can.