Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Whisky In The Room!

I wouldn't normally pick up a Glenmorangie at DFS, much less a Glenmorangie Finealta. But the man was adventurous enough to try it. I was like, whatever. He drinks more than I do anyway. So the bottle came along.

I nosed it. It was just that wee bit of peat. Then I swirled it around in the mouth. The flavors come through stronger and well-rounded when opened up with a dash of water or bits of ice. I don't think it's a whisky for the evening unless you prefer lighter floral flavors. I'm not keen on having whisky in the day. But a dram of the Glenmorangie Finealta on the rocks is almost refreshing because it's so light.

The man just likes to have whisky in the room I suppose. He pours a pre-dinner drink before we head out each night, well knowing there'll be more drinks to come with the meal and after. So you see who the true alcoholic is? Naturally, we finished the bottle quite easily during this long weekend. Ahemmm....in addition to all the other alcohol ingested outside of the room. It's ridiculous, I tell you.


supercoati said...

Ahhh....maybe I'll go and buy this to try since you say it's light and floral. I shall compare it with your tasting notes and see if the tongue and brain can be educated at all.

Pebbles said...

It's called 'Having a nice time!' Keke! This whisky thingy you like, I must go try some. But wait, I'll just sip 1st, incase I don't like. wahahaha!

imp said...

supercoati: or try the auchentoshan three wood which is quite sweet too. But not moscato sweet.

Pebbles: there're so many different types of whisky. Pick the nice easier on the palate ones for a start. Don't let the horrid ones scare u off!