Monday, January 17, 2011

To Che's Again

I remembered Che's (車氏粵菜軒) very well, and thought it better than Yung Kee in terms of the quality of food, its dim sum and overall presentation. There wasn't a dish that was particularly outstanding though. I just prefer Che's. It's popular, but it has got a slightly less touristy feel. And their porridge is good. I love their fish porridge. Yummmy.

So I nosed around and the friends were able to meet for dim sum! WOOHHOOOO. So we made up a table. It was a tad embarrassing when we arrived at the restaurant so super early that all the staff were just finishing up their morning meal. Oh dear. Still, a few got up to show us to our table and got us pots of tea. Such hospitality. We felt bad for interrupting their meal.

As usual, the table groaned with the weight of all these dishes. I wasn't sure if our eyes were bigger than our stomachs because no matter how loudly we protested, the food simply disappeared somewhere amidst the laughter and conversation.

At one point, someone asked the waiter how many more dishes were there left on the order chit. That was all, he indicated. Then he asked if we were Singaporeans. SOME of us nodded. The rest sniggered. The waiter grinned and replied this gist in Cantonese. "No wonder, Singaporeans always order alot of food." Our eyes opened wide. Is it??! Hmmmm.

車氏粵菜軒 (Che's Cantonese Restaurant)
香港, 灣仔, 駱克道 54-62 號博匯大廈4樓
54-62 Lockhart Road, 4/F The Broadway, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
T: (852) 25281123


ice said...

Is that the fish porridge in the pictures? Looks mighty delicious!

imp said...

ice: it is! this one is very yummy, with less ginger. i dunno how to eat the one from Yung Kee because it had a ton of shredded ginger and the fish is a freshwater fish with a very strong muddy smell and taste.

sinlady said...

wah, being the first in line doesn't even begin to describe you people. haha. what time did you get there??

imp said...

sinlady: ummmmmm....11AM. NOT THAT EARLY WHAT! They open at 11.30am.

=eLaiNe= said...

looking at all your wonderful HK posts, make me miss HK so much, probably time for a re-visit again after i m back! =)

imp said...

elaine: soon! are you coming back for Chinese New Year?