Sunday, January 30, 2011

Dancing In The Rain

(photo stolen from a certain Mr Thomas)

We trained up at Glastonbury and Big Day Out mainly. The moment we knew St Jerome's Laneway Festival was coming, the tickets were bought in bulk, literally. Already, the friends made plans for boot parties and tanked up on supplies. Nobody wanted to pay for expensive alcohol at the tents that were selling the booze.

The friends' cars managed to find slots next to one another. The cars lined up in a row, and the boot parties were underway! The afternoon was well spent in tanking up on liquid fuel. With or without the festival, the boot parties could probably happen every other week! Heh. But of course, with the bands going on, that whole vibe was awesome. For many moments, you wouldn't think we were in Singapore.

Although we expected unkind weather, we weren't quite prepared for it to be this pissing wet. The weather held for half the afternoon before it went downhill. Can someone tell me who forgot to put the powerful combo of chilli and bawang in all corners of Fort Canning Park? The skies opened and rain poured forth, non-stop, increasing in intensity towards nightfall.

The grass fields became mudpits. Many pairs of Converse were totalled. Alot of us wore Crocs and friggin' awesome Wellies. Ponchos worked for a while. People who stood in the middle with umbrellas probably got very dirty looks. Ziplock bags were a heaven-sent. Poor iPhones and cameras. But if you could just throw caution to the wind and enjoy the rain pelting down, dancing in the watery beat to the sizzling rhythm from Foals and Temper Trap was the best thing ever.

Was Laneway Festival in Singapore a wash-out? Hell, no. Look at the crowd. (Don't say anything about hipsters ah.) It was still one of the better-organized outdoor festivals at Fort Canning so far. At least the sound system wasn't shite and held up in the storm. What a scream. Porta-loos aside, of course. I hate those damn things.


Flora said...

What a miserable day for a concert, but glad you had a good time! I think if I had a car, I'd be having a boot party as well.

!!! was my favorite of the night. I've been dancing like the lead singer ever since I saw his goofy moves yesterday.


imp said...

flora: arrrgggh. I should have tweeted you to come by for a swig of something. next round then! The dude was probably the epitome of Laneway 2011! He had some moves man!

Dawn said...

There are boot parties in Singapore? Was there food as well?

Dawn said...

PS You need an Aquapac!

imp said...

Dawn: well, car boot parties rather. Heh. Not the true sense of the horrible connotation! There's food at the tents set up. Junk food rather. Some brought more palatable sandwiches. At the rate this rain is going, an Aquapac will be handy. Make that 2 aqua pacs!

Dawn said...

No - I was thinking of the same boot parties you mentioned. One of Simian's friends used to travel with the Grateful Dead and run famous chilli in boot parties :)

imp said...

dawn: chilli? boot parties! man, that sounds awesome!