Saturday, January 29, 2011

Finishing Up At Tatsuya

On the last day in the office, rounding up the day with a dinner at Tatsuya with the girlfriend seemed like a good way to end this chapter. It was one of the days when I left office early, and head out to a date at a sane hour. I should enjoy this while it lasts.

We had the misfortune of walking into the restaurant when the media visited and there was some sort of strange filming was going on. So annoying. Didn't want to be an extra in those frames. So we simply turned away and looked at our food. The Japanese media people were nice and quiet. Not too much of a bother. Whew.

The food was brilliant, as usual. I ate all the sushi I wanted, with the chef making a conscientious effort to knead less sushi rice for us. The girlfriend declined the huge oyster and went for the mega bean instead. Since she wasn't big on it on uni, I also stole most of it from her. Muahahahahha. Sake was absolutely unnecessary, but oh well, why not. It was a good accompaniment to the meal.

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