Friday, January 28, 2011

Last Day In This Office

Quietly, and without fanfare, it came to the last day of work. It was a busy last day. I had a project Closing to oversee and a Lunch to co-host. I wouldn't want the last day to be quiet. I was glad that this enjoyable 2-week project occupied the mind. In spite of all that I declared about being scared of hard work, keeping busy is good.

Time has flown by so fast since I put in the resignation in mid-August. I voluntarily served this longer-than-usual notice period because it made sense to. There was enough time to say goodbye to the colleagues I treasure, and to the job I love. By 4.45pm, my desk was clean. The IT and admin people had completed their checks and retrieval of all issued items.

I ran into plenty of people when I handed in the last bits of papers to HR. They were actually surprised that I was still around at this hour. People who left earlier than I did came to bid farewell. I was very touched. At 6pm, it was time to leave. Some colleagues were still in, and they walked me to the door. SO SWEET lah. Hugs aplenty, and it was the final goodbye. I'm going to miss them.

I had brought home most items, and today, it was just one bag of stuff to haul home. The girlfriend was waiting in the car. She put the bag into the boot, and drove out of the carpark. I took one last look at the office building. Strangely, I didn't feel anything. Buildings are just that- impersonal. Getting through the last day at work was easier than I thought. It was still bright, and the shadows slowly lengthened as we drove to dinner.

So this is it. A chapter is closed.


JoMel said...

I would've bawled!! Then again, I've never felt any emotion leaving my past jobs. That's the difference, I guess, when you do something with passion, and without. :)

Well, congrats dear Imp, on the closing of a beautiful chapter! :)

Renee said...

imp, u're def cool ! it's how we shld tell 'the office' we do official things by ruling our minds,not by hearts..getting emo at the end is too graduation? on the very last day I will oways feel like popping champagnes tra-la-la~~

imp said...

jomel: i've done all the crying last year! You're right. only because there's passion, faith and belief in the job.

renee: :) we drink too often in the office already!

sinlady said...

i am with jomel about it having been a beautiful chapter of your life. *hugs*

Cavalock said...

Wah, got ka-po office supply or not? ;)

Have a great life!

corsage said...

You will be missed, Imp!

Anonymous said...

on to the next chapter! ganbatte!

Cool Insider said...

All the best to the next episode of your life.... Whatever we make of it, we should remember that work is a means to an end, and not the end in itself. Now that its out of the way - for now - perhaps life can take over those hours for a bit. :)

imp said...

cavalock: no leh. my office supplies got nothing nice for me to ka-po. heheh.

corsage: :)

joanne: aiight!

coolinsider: thank you! it does help that i like the job. then it's called work-life integration. best.