Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Sights Upon Check-In

The best part about staying at one regular hotel in each city, or at an international chain, is how guest services have come to remember my preferences, and will always meet any demand I make. They offer complimentary services that I appreciate. Nothing is quite impossible. Once, I was most impressed by the choice of songs they uploaded onto the iPod in my room. That hotel's guest services obviously realized the genre of music I prefer.

The cheerful colors of the vases of cut flowers and fruit platter which greet me when I step in are most appreciated. Once they realize which fruit I mostly pick out from the platter to eat, then they add more of those. I'm very spoilt. Fruits come to me nicely sliced and placed, so I won't bother touching a fruit if I have to peel or cut it. :P

In cold weather, a temperature-regulated bathroom with a tub and a separate shower stall is essential for us. It was definitely a welcome sight to have 2 sinks in a bathroom when I'm travelling with the man. His messy placement of toiletries all over the sink irks me to no end. With 2 sinks, his mess doesn't bother me quite as much. Ha.


tuti said...

whee! you posted. happy to read you always. enjoy your little vacation!

imp said...

tuti: am back now! but it was a good break!

sinlady said...

wah! personalized hospitality. i'm impressed.

imp said...

sinlady: they're very good that way.