Thursday, January 13, 2011

Night Out

It's been a long while since I've partied this hard. We painted the town red. Okay, 2 streets only, and not that many bars. It started with beer at Pickled Pelican (the name tickles the hell out of me), then the requisite hello round the corner at FCC. Finally hungry and wanting something else besides beers, we hit up Lily & Bloom for its cocktails. The food was secondary. Bloom for dinner and Lily for drinks.

I made the mistake of ordering a Bloody Mary at Lily. Good lawwwd, it was bloody horrible. I took 2 sips and flatly rejected the drink. The head bartender came over, took one sip and totally understood the grimace on my face. He apologized for that drink and personally tended to us after that. So I guess he's presumably the bar's most experienced bartender, and that made the night. Stick to the menu of cocktails at Lily. Do not deviate. They do the mojitos, Sidecar, etc quite well. I like their 'Old Cuban'. They use a very proper Zacapa rum in many of their cocktails, and that was certainly appreciated.

We graduated from rum to concoctions with whisky. We left it to the bartender to decide what he wanted to do. Plenty of good ones came up. As the night wore on, the bar packed out. So trust me, the only place to plonk yourself at, is at the bar. Do not move, at all. It would help if you're drop-dead gorgeous or the whole group looks glamorous. Only then, you'll be assured of getting your drinks immediately and without anyone forgetting it or directly snubbing your order aloud. So for the promptness of our drinks and attentive service we received, a grateful tip was left for the bar.


tuti said...

it always helps to be drop-dead gorgeous anywhere! hah.

imp said...

tuti: hehe. sometimes!