Friday, January 14, 2011

Eat, Chinese Food

We were taken out to lunch at Yung Kee Restaurant (鏞記酒家). I think it's overhyped. And you know what? The porridge wasn't as fabulous as I expected! Not the fish or the century egg porridge. But they were decent. I had A LOT to eat. The man thoroughly enjoyed his beef brisket noodles. "It's better than London's!" He declared. I promptly and rudely burst out laughing. Oh dear me.

There was plenty of food on the table. Roast goose, soya chicken, pigeon, char siew, roast belly pork and beef. Good golly. That wasn't all. There were two kinds of fish done two ways- steamed and fried. Prawns, scallops, clams and crabs. There were three kinds of vegetables and seafood. It was amazing. It was more ridiculous that the table finished everything in two hours. What a banquet.

I saw many tables buy stuff and had them packed into rather big boxes. There was nothing that I would buy as no one at home would appreciate them. So I stuck to the rather fun job of staring at the other tables that tapau-ed everything in the plural- roast goose, century eggs and all. I marvelled at how on people were at lugging such bulky and unwieldy items home. But I understand their enthusiasm, which is the same way as how I've gone hysterical over transporting bags of coffee and other items of groceries home.


tuti said...

the century eggs look different from the usual kopitiam's. but then, of course. :P

Anonymous said...

oh yes, guilty for lugging back strange stuff back from my travels ;)

my husband actually packed by the yung kee duck before and hauled it to Japan for me when we were living there. hehe

supercoati said... is one of those people! The last time I was in HK, I brought back 6 boxes of century eggs and 2 roast geese for my parents. Don't even let me get started on the lup cheongs and pastries from Joel Rubuchon. *running away to hide now*

imp said...

tuti: they taste different too! tart! right up the nose! i like!

joanne: hehe. one day, we must share the weirdest or the most unwieldy stuff we've brought back. i remember eating Bayswater duck packed home!

supercoati: heheh. i better not tell you what i packed home from London the last round! and they're not just macarons or truffles!