Friday, January 14, 2011

Coffee Shops

I've created a new label of 'coffee' on this blog. Heeeee. It's almost as though my internal radar will automatically zoom in on the nice coffee shops wherever I go.

While the Nespresso machine in the hotel room did the trick in the mornings, I wanted to check out lovely coffee places in Hong Kong. The girlfriend recommended Caffe Habitu and I figured that since there're 2 outlets in Central, the schedule might permit me to swing by a conveniently located outlet.

While I managed to hop by Caffe Habitu's branch at Harcourt Road, I couldn't sit down to enjoy a cuppa, and had to grab a flat white to go. It was really quite good. It satisfied a caffeine craving very well. I'm thrilled to have found good coffee in Hong Kong. I'm sure there're more tiny indie cafes tucked away in the side streets.

Then, walking by Fortis Bank Tower, I stopped and stared at the 3 coffee shops adjacent to one another. I couldn't stop cackling. Looking at the shop signs and customers moving in and out, it was hilarious, to say the least. There's the mega Starbucks that's like an unwelcome epidemic wherever I go, a local Pacific Coffee Company, and the fastest growing new chain Caffe Habitu.

There's also Cafe Zambra. I wasn't exactly looking for it. I was looking for the Gloucester Road outlet of Tom Lee and nothing could be more perfect than to have Cafe Zambra located right next door. Of course I hopped in. I was gleeful that time permitted a sit-down. Their flat white was fragrant and held the proportionate ratio of coffee and milk. Ahhhhhhhh. Very happy, I am.


kikare said...

I was at Zambra once, but back then no Flat White lor. Guess HK caught up with the trend pretty quickly.

imp said...

kikare: now they have it! very properly done too!

tuti said...

all musicians go mad at tom lee. the man held his rein? lol.

imp said...

tuti: of course not. he bought stuff!