Saturday, January 15, 2011

Cold Day Out!

We bundled up for an afternoon out at Hong Kong Park. We wandered round to the aviary and the almost strange conservatory. Of course being the sucker that I am, there was also a stop at the tea museum.

Well, the whole point was to check out the indie gig 'Sound In The Park' (公園好聲). It was fairly interesting to hear how the bands spoke in Cantonese, did some numbers in the same language and sang the others in English. Quite an eye-opener.

We wanted to listen to Noughts and Exes. They sound great on their album. We wanted to hear them live. They were missing a drummer today, but acoustic worked fine. The band was tight, and played well together. They were a joy to listen to. It was a rather enjoyable afternoon. But oh man, it was a long and periodically painful wait to hear the melodious sounds of Noughts and Exes.

The sunshine splattered the area for most of the morning and early afternoon, paving the way for cheerful blue skies to come through the haze. Later in the afternoon, the wind tore through the park and it was COLD! Thankfully we didn't underestimate the windchill. No boots were needed though. Walking shoes were sufficient. However, by the time the gig was over and we chose to walk back to the hotel, I had enough of being blown around and needed a very hot soak in the tub to warm the bones.

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