Saturday, January 08, 2011

I Like Silver

Took me a good long while to hop by Society of Black Sheep. They've got some stylish pieces that I very much want to linger over. A pity I was in a hurry to get to dinner and couldn't stay to try on the dresses and tops. I've got to return.

What I managed to do, was to leave the shop with one item from Carrie K. I like her eye and creations a fair bit and will always try to see if that's any beautifully crafted piece that shouts my name. I like silver. But not any bit of silver will do. I'm very particular about what sort of silver, and how it's been crafted into its final design. The weight of it matters to me. I don't like them hollow. Whichever piece, be it a ring or a bangle, needs to sit right and feel heavy.

Tonight, the rings called to me. I loved how the weight of the stacked rings felt. It just so happened that they had a set that fit my finger snugly. There really wasn't much to think about. So a set of these rings are now mine.


Pebbles said...

I think its pretty. Another thing to add; you are good at sniffing out little shops!

sinlady said...

jewelry is just so personal. it's either so right or it's not. never hesitate when it's sooo right heheh

imp said...

Pebbles: I like our little shops in Sgp!

Sinlady: yes!