Friday, January 07, 2011

Multi-colored Thoughts

When I returned to the office, my desk was filled with beautifully packed gifts. (My gawwd, was it only 5 days ago that the new year more or less began?! It felt like the I've aged so much in a week.) I like all gifts equally because of what's written on the gift tags, and the thoughts behind them.

However, one of the gifts from a colleague stood out. She crotcheted gifts of brooches for some of us. She's got such nimble fingers! *happy sigh

She's very thoughtful to pick out colors that we like. See this black brooch for me? It's fabulous. She somehow knows I like teddy bears. So she crocheted one for me! I pinched its nose and am very tickled! I decided that it's to be a girl.

(Do ignore that plastic Santa I stole from some restaurant's decor. You'll see it appear every now and then on the blog even if it's not Christmas. And it's not because I believe in Santa Claus. It's just a very cute accessory.)

I was at 1 Altitude. I placed the bear on the table for drinks and again at the table when we adjourned for dinner. The servers tried their best not to glance at it. My friends, to their credit, have stopped raising their eyebrows at my antics. They stared at the bear, actually said hello to it and promptly ignored it all evening, till almost the end when they asked her how was the food. I cracked up with laughter.

The colleague is one of the not-distant ones, but not too close still simply because I never really got to know her. The gift is such a lovely gesture. A pity I didn't make more effort to lunch and chat. She's always been one of those sweet ones who surprisingly didn't run away from being associated with me at work. Hehehehehhe. Yes, it's not really a good thing to be associated with me at work, or be identified as the imp's friend in the office.


tuti said...

lol at the 'association with imp' remark.

the bear must have let out a burp, that's why. ;)

Dawn said...

What a cute bear!

sinlady said...

wah, a hand crocheted bear! erh, how tall/big is she?

imp said...

tuti: heh.

dawn: rather pinch-y cute!

sinlady: it's tiny and cute. about 4 to 5 inches tall.

kachunknorge said...

What's her name going to be?

imp said...

kachunknorge: interim name- Rainbow.

ame said...

i like the bear!

corsage said...

i got similar bear :) Lovely, isn't it? I have to go find it now. Kept it for a bit coz Bubbles was attempting to bite the eyes =P

imp said...

ame: cute hor/?! it's quite tiny, and so fun to bring out for some photography! i think i want to take it with me this weekend!

corsage: hehehehhe. i keep wanting to pinch it!