Friday, February 25, 2011

The Apostles

There're much better photos of the Apostles floating around the intarwebs. But you get the picture. The GPS is programmed to an optimal route which gives you breathtaking sights of the ocean. Viewing spots thoughtfully carved out along the route reminds you of how majesty the ocean is, and how fragile it is now that we've gouged out many of her treasures.

Driving along the route reminds us of how humans toil long and hard to build civilization in the harsh lands, and how we strive to protect it. Parallel to the route are plenty of national parks which will hopefully protect the environment for generations to enjoy for years to come. The pastoral scenes were equally glorious. So suaku, but our jaws still dropped in marvel at the vast expanse of space and land. We stopped by the Cape Otway Lighthouse, tiptoed into random farms to stare at cows, horses and sheep.

The long and winding drive along The Great Ocean Road more or less culminates as the first Apostle comes into sight. There're 8 Apostles left, after some of the other stacks crumbled. We've seen it separately twice before, via helicopter and by simply driving to the cliffs. Now, we see it a third time with a smooth drive and lots of fun memories stashed away. Wind in our hair with the sun overhead, the roar of the surf and that calming blue which stretches to the edge of the horizon....those were carefree moments. The coastline is ever-changing, so we must catch a couple of glimpses before we get too old with creaky bones and can't drive down to see these magnificent formations of nature.


kachunknorge said...

Saw the Apostles when they were still 12. Gawd, now I feel really old!

imp said...

kachunknorge: I know! Same feeling. I saw them as a wee girl!