Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bottle Of Milk At Lorne

Let's make it clear- we didn't stop at Lorne just for coffee. It was for a sleep and to wander around in a real forest. In fact, I didn't read up anything about Lorne except to find a decent place to rest a night. I wanted to stay in a treehouse! But it was full. :( I had to settle for a budget room that was big, but wasn't at all thrilling, and frankly, quite crummy. Anyway, every other hotel there is just like a budget venue. I should have just pitched a tent within Otway National Park and stuck my ass there.

There're some pretty B & Bs and standalone cottages and properties. The only catch- these require a minimum stay of 3 nights, non-negotiable. Sigh. I wasn't going to pay 3 nights just for a pretty room for 6 hours. We had hot water and clean sheets in this one, so that would suffice. There was no wifi. Dammit. Luckily we've a data plan on the phones and iPad. In the night, I caught up on all the news about Christchurch and the ongoing rescue efforts, stared at the sea and wondered if tsunami warnings will sound for the coastal towns of Victoria.

In the morning, we wandered down to town at the main street of Mountjoy Parade. Led purely by the smell of coffee at the cafes alone, I pointed to The Bottle Of Milk and said, "I want this one." The man was sold on the idea of burgers. Apparently, the burger that he ordered was damn good. I had a Big Breakfast instead of a vegetarian Bg Breakfast just so that he could have my very juicy looking strips of bacon. I had 2 hash browns! Joy!

That cup of flat white I had, was very decent. Another cup was ordered. I was really happy. What a surprise find in this sleepy (For now. It won't be so come summer) seaside town that still carries traces of a recent past where the ladies hang out by the beach in skirts and parasols.


tuti said...

that burger is humongous!

imp said...

tuti: it's called a 'Cold Shower'. Muahahahha.