Thursday, February 24, 2011

Marks Restaurant

A late dinner while it's still light is quite welcome. I was ravenous and needed to replenish some of the calories lost. Marks Restaurant is a pleasant break along the main street of Lorne on Louttit Bay. I'm glad we caught the lull in the holiday season while the weather is still good. I'd hate to be in this town during spring break or when there're thousands of revellers during Christmas summer. Eeeeeks.

The man chomped down on the twice-cooked duck. The serving was half a duck, but it was a big one! It looked deceptively simple, but it was done well as all good cooking should. The color and the smell were just right. The man stated that the gamey taste of the meat didn't overwhelm and parts of the skin were crispy and the meat still locked in the moisture. He noted that it wasn't a fatty duck. Well, if these ducks are free range and run about like those I saw at Yarra Valley, then I don't expect them to be very fatty..... Heeeee.

I'm absolutely in love with the pasta of mussels tossed in garden vegetables, chilli, onions and olive oil. It was light, tasty and satisfying. I'm almost ready to call this my best meal, or rather dish on this trip. It's quite interesting to note that at each cafe or restaurant in Lorne, even at the burger joints, there's an extensive menu catered for vegetarians. Nice! Naturally, they all boast of using local produce and ingredients, which are frankly fresh and very tasty. The organic and free-range bits are taken for granted, although some restaurants will state it clearly, along with the sources.


lilsnooze said...

Indeed. I've got a gd fren who's taking up a 2nd career as a chef in melb and is now part timing at an organic produce eatery...

imp said...

lilsnooze: oooh! that is such a cool second career!