Thursday, February 24, 2011

I Don't Like Cockatoos

We're driving down the coast to the Great Ocean Road. The man wanted to see the 12 Apostles (again) because they're crumbling, head to Port Campbell for a bit before rounding back to the city. The man has to take the decision because he's the only driver. I won't be able to help him in any way. It's very very hard for me to stay awake during long drives. In fact, the moment I step into a car for a ride more than 20 minutes, I fall asleep. Well, the man decided that he could do it. So off we went.

After an early morning pit-stop at Anglesea and a big day out at Otway Ranges, we needed to re-charge with a beer first! No more wine please!!! We hopped into some hotel with a rooftop terrace at Lorne. There were plenty of birds flying around. I simply assumed they were seagulls and some black and white seabirds, so didn't pay them any attention.

Then, one landed at the railing next to me. I stared at it. It's a wild sulphur crested cockatoo. I looked further. My goodness. They're everywhere on the beachfront of Lorne! I've finally found something that's more annoying than pigeons- cockatoos! They squawked, made so much noise and boldly waddled near humans to ask for food. And SOME DODO at the next table thought it was too cute, and walked up to one to give it a piece of bread. Another followed suit with a piece of potato chip. WAH LAU EH. Didn't anyone tell these people NOT to feed these birds with our garlic bread and processed salty potato chips?!

You can guess what happened next. Of course another cockatoo innocently sauntered along. A third flew in to join the ruckus. A fourth clearly thought it was a good idea too. By the time the fifth and sixth came along, I leapt out of the bench in a big hurry and went to the other side. At the final count, there were eight big flapping cockatoos perched around the rooftop, trying to score food or picking at scraps left on the empty plates left aside. The man was highly amused and took out his phone to grab photos.


Dawn said...

This is awesome!

JoMel said...

We had a pet cockatoo, when my parents were residing in Maluku. I loved it! Yacob was his name. When we ask him, "Nama kamu siapa?" He would reply, "Yacob. Yacob." Very cute lah! Then it died-ed. :(

sinlady said...

shades of alfred hitchcock's "the birds" heheh

imp said...

dawn: *suspicious squint at you* What is awesome? The sea? The national park? Or the birds flapping around?!!! The birds are pretty though.

jomel: awwwww.

sinlady: grrrrrr.

Dawn said...

All of the above - but especially the birdies :)