Friday, February 04, 2011

年初二 :: 吃饭 :: Appam!

How to resist a brunch invitation when appam is on the menu?! We couldn't. Not when we know the friend's mom is such a steady top class domestic goddess who wields a mean ladle. Okay, we also not shy, wanted to barge in the moment we knew there was droolicious food. The friend can cook! He said he's getting there too. But we can't help teasing him about the long long time ago when he cooked chicken curry and forgot all about adding salt. :P

The mom did all the prep work last night, and waited for everyone to arrive before frying them up in the cute little cast iron kadai. She had 2 on the stove! While frying them, one has total control of how crispy or steamed-like each appam is to be. I was too shy to take photos of the batter heating up in the kadai.

Curries. OOOH. All sorts of curries go well with appam, be it with or without coconut milk. The fluffy south Indian 'pancake' is fantastic at mopping up curries, spices and whatnots. In between, eat a couple of mouthfuls with a sprinkling of sugar to even out the tastebuds for the next onslaught of spices and more curry. Mmmmmm.

The man quaffed 6 appam! I could only manage 3, and those were already alot more than my usual intake. It's very difficult to say no to curry. AWESOME. We were all a little dazed by 1.30pm, without the aid of any sort of alcohol. We shamelessly wheedled for another makan invitation from the mom. Heeeheeeheee.


notabilia said...

So jealous. I haven't had appams in weeks. *off to ferment rice, dig out appam pan, etc*

imp said...

notabilia: oooh! for your breakfast tomorrow then!