Friday, February 04, 2011

年初二 :: 拜年

We had a spot of visiting that I wanted to do. By the afternoon, like bad pennies, the man and I turned up at the girlfriend's house with a desperate craving for coffee. We had to settle for Starbucks yesterday and swore that Nespresso would be a much better option. Nowadays, Nespresso machines were aplenty in everyone's kitchens.

Anyway, her mom had ordered us to take home prawns. PRAWNS! AIYOH. The terrible girlfriend told her mom that I wouldn't want festive goodies, so the mom went the other way of innovative extremity. But woah....the man's eyes lit up when he saw the box. It was the sort of prawns he would have chosen- Crystal Bay Prawns. It was a royal gift indeed.

The girlfriend's parents offered lunch, but we were simply too stuffed and had to decline the delicious spread of kueh pie tee, We had a strong strong brew of coffee and grabbed the slices of fruit. The peaches were yummy. They packed us lots of peaches to take home too. I was busy talking and didn't see it, but the girlfriend and the man secretly quaffed mini Magnums and probably finished the whole box! Tsk.

Before we knew it, a ton of relatives descended upon the house. It wasn't too jaw-dropping, but it was like, we chose the best timing ever. Perhaps it was the good mellow wine we were quaffing down, but we strangely had a lot of fun with the her cousins on a long discussion about the horrifying nature of Teletubbies and how wrong The Wiggles are. Since our ages range from 11 to 36, it was fairly fascinating to have us agree on many points.

It was quite a pleasant afternoon! If you want to know, I gave out ang pows to the kiddos. I was quite pleased to see their eyes widen in shock and shook their heads at me. I was a stranger, you see. The girlfriend's mom was so generous to us, there must be reciprocity. She gave us ang pows too! WHY?! Grrrrrrrrr. So I shrugged and said, "For luck, people." The kiddos then nodded and accepted it graciously.

Dear Chinese Fortune God, you must be pleased— I've turned into an annoying ang-pow-giving aunty.


kikare said...

Whatever you claim you are, you is an old softie, auntie Imp.

imp said...

kikare: naaah. it's called paying it forward. i don't understand why i'm still getting ang pows now!

tuti said...

you lah, make until people donno wat to give, until give you prawns! :P

psst kikare.. imp IS an old softie at heart, despite the exterior.

*runs ten miles away*

ame said...

most impressive ;-D

JoMel said...

*chuckle* I can definitely imagine aunty imp distributing angpow! :D

imp said...

tuti: i know! the prawns are like, FTW! *ignores the rest of your comments

ame: RrrrriiiiiiGHT.

jomel: don't rub it in!

sinlady said...

i like the nice auntie imp bit :)

imp said...

sinlady: GRRRRR.