Sunday, February 20, 2011

At The Vineyards

It was an easy morning drive to Phillip Island. The weather wasn't great though. Cloudy, rainy, sunny, cloudy and more clouds rolled in along with the wind. A slight drizzle ended with the close of the day, then it held cloudy for the evening. We didn't care. It was still going to be fun!

The vineyards, wineries and cellar doors on Phillip Island are quietly charming, without the usual hordes of humans on the weekends. I was so taken by the picturesque surroundings that I forgot about my ineptness with wine. I'm so lousy with it that I get an instant headache after 3 tiny glasses. Today, I got so carried away that contents of a good 6 large glasses went into the stomach. FAIL.

I keep doing this! Remind me never never never to drink more than 2 glasses of wine in an hour. I felt very uncomfortable. No headache, but the stomach was queasy. I came back to the room, and promptly induced the puking-out of all remnant wine. Eeeks.


tuti said...

eek, hope you feel better now.

imp said...

tuti: i do. I felt better immediately. and was hungry! had a very late dinner! :)

Dawn said...

Yay! The man didn't get lost - but then you're a good navigator.

imp said...

dawn: i've to be honest and say that the GPS worked fine!