Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Foreshore At Rhyll

We stopped for lunch at The Foreshore Bar and Restaurant. Facing the sea, it was a very pretty sunshiny sort of place. It filled up fast with the lunch crowd. The one thing we didn't order was its mussels. We saw bowls and bowls of huge Tasmanian mussels parade out of the kitchen and smelt heavenly. But we had no more space after our mains. The man had oysters for starters and didn't feel like eating more.

I forgot that Australian restaurants use flake for most of their battered fish and chips (some use barramundi). So I merrily ordered fish and chips. It wasn't till the second bite then the taste and texture hit me. The server confirmed that it was flake. ARRRRRGGGGH!!!! :((( I'm NOT going to eat any part of a shark. I like sharks. I really prefer fish and chips to come in plaice or haddock. So I ate up the salad and the fat chips which were very tasty dipped in tartare sauce, and stole pasta and bits of salmon off the man's plate.

Next time, I'm sticking grilled fish. The restaurants offer satisfactory options done beautifully. That said, fish and chips without Lingham's sweet chilli sauce are simply lacking in a robust flavor!

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