Sunday, February 20, 2011

Exploring Phillip Island

Being immersed in nature on the walking trails during this cool weather was just awesome. Years ago I visited; now there're new eateries, but by and large, it's kept its unique charm, tranquility and slow pace of development. A positive trend.

I didn't want to hug no koalas! Visiting Australia as a young girl had me go gaga over koalas in every other state. I'm quite done with koalas. Something else please. I hooted with laughter when I read that the fairy penguins of Phillip Island have been renamed to a politically correct 'little penguins'. Whatever! I'm still going to call them fairy penguins because I know them as such!

The wind was up. Even though I was in wool and a handy windbreaker, it was damn cold waiting for the cute tiny things to show at dusk. I should have had the foresight to bring heat packs! It's still kinda late summer, so the sun sets at 8.30pm thereabouts. Sitting on a mat to wait and wait without being able to pee was quite torturous. Lots of calories were definitely burnt off in trying to keep in body heat. I should have taken the skybox instead of braving it out on the sand! But seeing the tiny tots waddling around was absolutely priceless.


Cool Insider said...

Sigh... I love Melbourne and Victoria, having spent some 10 months of my life there while studying in 2009. If you have the time or chance, do try to have a meal at Movida or Cumulus, both of which are very excellent dining establishments.

Golden Monkey along Hardware Lane/Lonsdale Street has a nice chill out vibe for drinks. Of and for the best coffee in the world (in my opinion), go to Seven Seeds at Berkeley Street or Brother Baba Budan (BBB) at Little Bourke Street.


kikare said...

Cannot go pee behind some bushes meh?

Anonymous said...

i love these little fairy penguins. while out in the sea in NZ once, i saw a pair swimming in the sea!

imp said...

coolinsider: we've downloaded a Melb coffee map! will try to eat at some of the cafes, but we're spending most time outside of the city. :)

kikare: CANNOT LAH!

D: they're just really adorable.