Monday, February 28, 2011

Bella Vedere

The weekends are too lovely to stay in the city. It ought to be spent just outside in the sun. We went out to Yarra Valley, again. Heeee. After breakfast at Giant Steps & Innocent Bystander, we lingered around the cheese and dairy farms and some more wineries. Then we drove onwards to Bella Vedere for a feel of the countryside, and for a taste of that fresh produce and easy living.

The man had sweetbreads- lamb's brains. AHHHH! When the man picked up a spoonful and pushed it towards me, I closed my mouth tightly and shook my head vehemently. As cooked and lovingly grilled the plate looked, it was still eeeeeks! There was a salad of ox tongue that was nicely done. The man is doing a meat binge on this trip!!

I didn't bother having a main since the stomach was still stuffed from breakfast. The hand-cut fries done with duck fat with accompanying anchovy mayonnaise was irresistible and those were very satisfying for lunch. I gave in and had a glass of chardonnay with the meal.

It was a hot day with little breeze. Not a good idea to be wandering about. Sitting indoors, it very relaxing afternoon to stare out into the blue and green. We're flying home soon; soaking up the last few views of all this natural beauty is a must.


tuti said...

suddenly thought of dr hannibal, haha.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an episode of 'Fear Factor' though the fries with the duck fat and anchovy mayo sounds like something I could eat! hehe..

imp said...


joanne: apparently the lamb's brains were quite delicious! those fries were awesome. AWESOME.