Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Broccoli Risotto

Between walking around town and visiting the galleries, lunch was conveniently settled at Persimmon which was in the middle of the gardens of NGV International. They had a promotion going for tickets to the Gustave Moreau exhibition, which suited our purpose perfectly.

The man had a spiced braised lamb loin of sorts with grilled vegetables and cous cous. Told you he's on a meat binge. He enjoyed that since it was a dainty portion. My main was simple, but out of this world. I loved it! Broccoli risotto with goat's cheese sprinkled with pine nuts. I asked the man if he could replicate this. He does a mean pumpkin risotto, so I assume this version with broccoli can be done. He went into a rhetoric about how broccoli doesn't blend as well as pumpkin. He got really scientific about it and I stopped listening halfway. Heheheheh.

We made it to dessert. We shared a sticky date pudding with matcha ice-cream and milk jam. It wasn't sickeningly sweet and was quite good. I took 3 small bites before passing it all to the man who merrily finished everything. He has a sweet tooth and is always sad because I rarely order desserts with our meals. So this once, he cleaned the dessert plate.


lilsnooze said...

Mmmm, I will love the broccoli risotto too.

ame said...

wah. somehow this meal sounds esp good. maybe cos it's almost lunchtime... :p

imp said...

lilsnooze: i think so! it's verrrry nice!

ame: it's quite delicious! as usual, we can share this and another appetizer. kekekek.