Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Constellation Bar No.3

There're now 3 Constellation Bars in Shanghai, conveniently named No.1, No.2 and No.3. You'll see alot of photos of all 3 bars on this blog because these are the venues I like to chill out in the evenings, cigar smoke notwithstanding. I don't like the overhyped clubs nor the doof-doof-thump-thump bars. I want somewhere comfortable. Anyway, I swear never again to laugh at the BFF's obsessive use of Febreeze anti-bacterial spray. I now understand why. It's essential after a night's out.

The whisky bars in Shanghai are flourishing, at a more decadent and classier rate than Singapore. If you can tolerate the smell of cigars, it kinda goes nicely with whisky, the soft mood lighting, leather chairs and couches. These bars are beautiful and full of old world charm. I'm not going to delve into the political and economic reasons of how and why these bars survive so well. For now, it will suffice to note that for the discerning tourist, this is such a wonderful chill out place away from the expat-ridden noisy thumping bars in the city.

At the newest Constellation No.3, I was very well-taken care of. The boss made sure of that. I'm more than comfortable walking into a bar alone. I'm a lounge lizard. And most men, with all due respect, are dumb. :P Whichever posh-nosh bar in London, the conversation is always lovely. I always have rather substantial alcohol-fuelled discussions with the patrons at the whisky bars. Tonight, I sat at the counter on my own, and had a rather enjoyable evening with somewhat familiar people. Yes, the girlfriend is still sunning herself on an island while I'm wearing 3 layers here. Luckily there's a very nice car that's well heated to ferry me around, so that I needn't bundle up too much.

I avoided the usual favorites. I started with a whisky cocktail for good measure. Very nice. But cocktails aren't my thing. After that, I took a recommendation by the head bartender Michael to try a dram of Edradour 2003 Port Cask. My curiosity was instantly piqued. I've not tried this distillery. I didn't even ask about the prices. After all, it was a young whisky. No peat. Just 5 years old! I was fairly sure the prices wouldn't kill. It was very creamy, sweet, and almost complex. But not quite. It was easy on the palatte and rather sweet. I'm very partial towards port cask whatever. In the end, I had 5 good drams from the bottle of Edradour. It was beautiful. Drunk? No way. Far from it.

Constellation No.3
黄陂北路 251 号 (近江阳路)
T: +86 215 375 2712


sinlady said...

sounds like it will be a nice getaway after all :)

imp said...

sinlady: might just be. it's just another city though.