Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Packing For Shanghai

I really needed that coffee in the plane. That was the first thing required stat before the plane took-off and it was also the last fortifying thing to be ingested before landing. I'm a lone traveller with 4 pieces of check-in luggage and 2 carry-ons. Thank goodness I'm flying SQ. You must know by now how much I'm in love with my national airline.

It felt like I'm returning 'home' with gifts for the family. o_O Except I've no family in Shanghai aside from the BFF. When she gave me her shopping list, I cracked up at Febreeze anti-bacterial spray and Dettol wet wipes. She swore she couldn't get these in the city.

The sheer amount of items carted over is a tad mind-boggling. Packing the items for this trip required a measure of structure in order to utilize all available space. There's also the small matter of winter clothing and MY personal items. I thought if the weather held, I could bring less clothes. But the preliminary 14-day forecast predicted a dip in temperatures, so winter gear had to be lugged along. Tsk.

I'm just biased, okay. I'm happy to carry most things over for everyone because they're nice about it, and they know a thing or two about packing stuff to ensure that it's convenient to travel with. EXCEPT for that 5 bottles of cookies which I've a huge issue with because the person who asked me to carry over didn't even have the decency to call or send a text message, or say 'thanks' somehow. Yes, I'm looking for a 'thank-you' because she has cheek to expect me to carry not 1 but 5 bottles of cookies without any form of communication, not even a note or accompanying instructions. They were simply couriered over in a box. Needless to say, the cookies aren't packed to withstand the rigors of it being thrown around. Thank goodness I didn't offer to pick it up. That would have really pissed me off, and I would have returned her 3 bottles. This woman either doesn't travel alot, or has her husband carry her stuff most of the time on trips.

I sent a most annoyed text to the BFF in capital letters about the lack of EQ in this friend of hers. I told her that if the kueh lapis couldn't fit because of the cookies, the latter would be thrown. Hmmmpf. But since I promised the BFF, I sorted it out. But NOT without some bitching. :P


sinlady said...

there are just sooo many presumptuous people about!

imp said...

sinlady: i was flabbergasted.

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean. Been through similar incidents and it's not that I don't want to bring it for friends living overseas but sometimes it's presumptuous to assume that I will do it for you. Like the 'bitching' bit, just need to let it all out.... ;)

imp said...

joanne: you know! gaaah.