Monday, February 28, 2011

Day Out Looking At Buildings

I like looking at the architecture of a city. Sydney doesn't have many of these older Victorian buildings and art deco facades. But in Melbourne, you see them everywhere. Conservation is a big thing going on here and it's a constant fight to preserve these historic buildings.

The churches in the city and at the countryside still ooze culture, history and old world charm. Of course we went to see the county courts and supreme court. They're just right there out of the town centre at Flagstaff Gardens. If you walk to Queen Victoria Market from town, you'll probably come across the small and compact Hellenic Museum which used to be the Royal Mint.

Then you get the breathtaking modernity of the Melbourne Theatre Company and Recital Centre making their stamp on the city. Quite a good contrast to the other quaint buildings. As one walk on, one feels the vibe and energy of the city throb. To me, Melbourne feels more pleasant than the business-like fast-paced Sydney. People seem a little more relaxed here.

What I really like are these Victorian homes! Some stand empty, some are occupied, and some have been restored beautifully, but many are also decrepit but most are not totally restored to any sort of glory. I can't imagine the sheer amount of effort and resources an individual owner will have to put in for renovations and strengthening of structures, not to mention plumbing, re-wiring of electrical cables and heating. But these antiquated homes are quite lovely to see.


Dawn said...

We know someone who restores homes - he buys fixer uppers and then redoes them beautifully. It really does take up a lot of time but the results are amazing!

imp said...

dawn: it must be a passion thing! so much financial resources are needed for the maintenance though.