Sunday, February 27, 2011

Amanda Palmer At The Forum

You know the one artist I really really really go gaga over is Amanda Palmer. When I was juggling all those travel dates and missed her Sydney gig and had to buy tickets to the Melbourne gig, I was just praying like mad to be able to get to the gig instead of having to chase her around Oz. Finally. I was thrilled to catch her intimate ninja gig in Singapore in 2009 and have been plotting to catch a full length show proper. It has never happened, till tonight! Amanda Palmer at The Forum in Melbourne!

The old theatre is the perfect setting for a show. Cabaret's dark mistress meshed the coy sounds with rock, punk and folk, she's a showgirl, an absolute performer, and a stunning singer with the vocals to blow you away. She had guests- Kim Boekbinder, The Jane Austen Argument, Jason Webley, Mikelangelo and the Tin Star.

The people on stage were brilliant, talented, and no less sterling. But of course tonight, Amanda Palmer ruled the stage with charisma and honesty. She's on tour, on form and in her element. She rocked up with old favorites, covered The Postal Service's 'Such Great Heights', did new songs from 'Amanda Palmer Goes Down Under'. The song 'Map of Tasmania' is hilarious! Everyone hung on to her words and enjoyed her banter with the audience. Such good rapport. I shouted, waved, danced, spun around 11 times looking at my right forefinger up in the air. There was this buzz after the last encore. After the gig, I skipped and hopped all the way home in the rain.

Amanda Palmer SLAYED Melbourne. TOTALLY.

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