Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Undertaker Restaurant

Since we were loitering in the Burwood area, dinner was sorted out at The Undertaker Restaurant. It's a charming historical building with beginnings as the name suggests- an undertaker, followed by a sales office before standing empty and then converted to this dining establishment.

I think this is a burger and meat sort of place. The man's Hellenic burger of a minced lamb leg lightly spiced with oregano, cumin dressing and tahini, grilled vegetables and eggplant, won his immediate approval. He loved it. The rest of the meats and burgers on the menu looks fabulous. I eyeballed every plate of it coming out of the kitchen. They looked good. I had a pasta and wasn't at all impressed. At A$26 for the canestrini tossed with roast summer vegetables and herbs, it was tasty and light. However, this being Melbourne, and in the right season, I had expected a more generous allocation of vegetables. It was disappointingly meagre.

No matter, we had plenty of beer and ale. The relatively low prices of alcohol in the city (compared to home) make it up for a lot of stuff. The bar offers plenty of choices of Australian and imported beer. It's a quite a popular place for drinks and it remans opens late into the night.

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