Monday, February 21, 2011

Dinner At Healesville Hotel

Sunset was quietly glorious. At dusk, we drove out to dinner and was very taken by all the green around us. I can't find enough words to describe the immense serenity evoked and the tranquility that wraps itself like a comforting warm shawl around me. Magnificent.

Being city folks, it feels almost strange to hear the near silence in the night, except for the sound of nature, animals and insects at dusk. As we drove very slowly at 40km/h, birds and ducks flew across our path. We understood that there would be the occasional kangaroo; we should keep our eye out for it.

I was so full that I couldn't stomach anymore food or alcohol. At the bar of the quaint and historical Healesville Hotel, dinner was sorted out. We were tickled to see Singapore chilli crabs on the current menu for Thursdays. It was so random! But we didn't ask why and how it came to be listed. It was a dish of salt and pepper squid for me, and a porterhouse steak for the man. Food was simple, and excellent. Again, the freshness and quality of the ingredients shone through.


tuti said...

the quiet is so good for the soul.
it's hard to hear ourselves above the din here. more so if it is day in day out working like a cow.
cows there may not be as stressed-out though.

kachunknorge said...

I made salt & pepper squid for dinner tonight as well!

It's always quiet at my place, with the occasional deer dropping by :)

Frou said...

Imp! if you're still in Melbourne, do check out Brother Baba Budan Cafe at Little Bourke St. It is one of the best coffee I've tasted.

imp said...

tuti: it's lovely.

kachunknorge: i like deer! but i'd love to have a screendoor and thick glass doors in the night between me and the wild. :P

frou: thank you! i already went! Saving up the coffee posts for later!