Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gracedale, Yarra Valley

Along with their cat Simba, the husband and wife team of Richard and Jenny have created an elegant and cosy home, and B & B- Gracedale in Yarra Valley.

Perched atop a hill, it overlooks acres and acres of green fields. Watch the kangeroos, cattle, ducks and whatnots. There is so much serenity here that it's inspiring. If I'm in the sort of mood to change mindsets about things, I guess I could begin doing that here.

It's amazing how Richard and Jenny handle everything on their own, from cooking our breakfasts, to cleaning the rooms and maintaining the property. It's among the best B & Bs I've seen. From the Villeroy & Boch cutlery and utensils to the Sheridan bedlinen, Country Road towels, heated bathroom floors, Yamaha speakers and audio set, carefully laid out books for us, and oh, a heavy sturdy Remington hairdryer, the little touches speak volumes about the owners' impeccable taste and thoughtful consideration for their guests.

It feels like staying with friends. I automatically cleared my own plates and glasses after breakfast. :P Please note that this is not an advertisement. Neither is it a barter thingy, nor have the owners given us a discount or freebies. I truly enjoy this sojourn at Gracedale. Of course, I stress that if you'd like to stay with them, please give the owners utmost consideration in not messing up your suite or make unreasonable demands on them. While they're in the hospitality business, it doesn't quite work like how a hotel is managed. Anyway, if you know me, you'll know the sort of expectations I have with regards to accommodation. So along with many other favored B & Bs in other countries, Gracedale meets every one of mine.

Gracedale offers just 2 suites, i.e. for 2 couples at any one time. So any of you planning to head to Melbourne next month for the food and wine festival and would like a sanctuary at some point, check with Gracedale on their availability. You'll have a higher chance of securing accommodation during the weekdays.


lilsnooze said...

The suites look really good!

imp said...

lilsnooze: they're lovely!