Tuesday, February 15, 2011

In Contemplation

With the sun out, the weather was glorious. It was a perfect day for strolling around the city. Bright and early, I left the apartment to start on the day's itinerary.

Since I viewed 'Culture Chanel', the theme might as well be continued over at 18 Gallery at Bund 18 to check out the prints and shots of Karl Lagerfeld. This exhibition is timed to coincide with 'Culture Chanel' anyway. Okay, I admit I wasn't that excited about it because the photos are mostly of himself and his supermodels. To me, it was a bit blah. I'm not that into fashion or portrait photography. Too much of a pleb to appreciate this fashion angle. But I like the building. It's beautiful! So much thought has gone into the color scheme, trimmings and mix of tenants.

I went to the residence of Song Qing Ling (宋庆龄故居). Enamored with the stories, influence, ideals and destiny of the Soong family, I'm very much intrigued by the Soong Sisters. People tend to forget that the family also had 3 illustrious sons. They were born in times of turmoil and rose to the ranks of political intrigue and patrioticism, and were key players in the development of Chinese history.

All visitors to the house had to wear plastic covers over their shoes to protect the flooring and carpets. I took my time to browse. I didn't understand why the busloads of Taiwanese tourists were kneeling in front of the statue for photos. They even kissed her feet. I was slightly amused and wondered if they viewed Song Mei Ling as such, since she was Mrs Chiang Kai-Shek.

The estate was tranquil. The hordes of visitors left by the time I went into the house. I sat at the garden for a good while, doing nothing, just staring into the green. I wondered what life was like back then. They were women of strength of their times, just like a certain recently deceased well-respected personage. Unknowingly, a full hour passed just like that.


Dawn said...

They kissed her feet?? This place sounds fascinating though - and I had no idea there were sons!

imp said...

dawn: they literally prostrated. well, it's for a photo, but still! they're the young ones. the older generation simply looked. got sons! very fascinating too.