Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kota's Kitchen

The BFF saw the dopey look on my face and grinned. "You want Shanghainese food for dinner?" I was like, "NOOooooOOOoo! I've got enough bao (包) coming out of my ears!" Anything else would be nice. Plus I'm upset about not being able to watch The National next month, amongst other emo things that I don't have control over. Comfort food would be very welcomed. So Japanese yakitori it was to be. Wheewww!

By golly, Kota's Kitchen is so Japanese! For a quick minute, I thought I was transported to a teeny joint in Tokyo! Small, but cosy, it was packed out with regulars who liked the food as well. I perked up instantly. The smells and vibes were right. The food must be good.

We had so much food- ox tongue, chicken skin, chicken heart, beef...... There were also grilled onigiri, quail eggs, mushrooms, cuttlefish and whatnots. The deceptively slim skewers sent a load of calories into the body, washed down with all sorts of beer. I ate and ate and ate, in a bid to forget that not everything I want will go my way.

The owner is totally passionate about The Beatles. There're lots of memorabilia proudly displayed on the walls. He plays their songs and music videos all day. When we left, they gave away chupa chups to us. Such fun! Dinner was absolutely satisfying. I love this place. I can come back here for another meal quite easily.


tuti said...

it's nice to see that you ate and ate and ate. need padding up for the cold!

imp said...

tuti: hehe. I eat less in cold places and walk alot more because it's comfortable to do so.

bookjunkie at singapore actually said...

You have made me want to visit Shanghai. It's sounds world's apart from Beijing.

imp said...

bookjunkie: take a look! the only thing, getting around in English is NOT FUN. Knowing the language helps alot in digging out little pockets of gems.