Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Coffee In Shanghai

In a city where Starbucks kinda rules, Costa has a good share in the market too. How to avoid coffee chains? They're everywhere. I tried CoffeeBean and Gloria Jean's. With my default being a cappucino dry, my vote goes to Jamaica Blue for the best brew by a good barista.

I would make the trek, or rather a short cab ride for coffee! It isn't surprising that I grew an intense craving for sandwiches and salads. They're my default food. Jamaica Blue has got some decent sandwiches. Other little cafes I bummed around at include Boonna and the rather charming Coffee Tree. Hugely popular, these cafes are always packed out. It's probably a trendy place to see and be seen. But no, their coffee doesn't hit a spot.

The other sort of half decent brews will be from the hotel lounges or any cafe that does Illy. Pretty okay, but the ambience isn't exactly what I'm looking for. Then, it won't make a difference if I'm in Shanghai or London. A hotel lounge, is a hotel lounge. The friends laugh at me. They say, "You're in China. Drink tea! What's all this nonsense about coffee?!" Still, I'm not bothered. It isn't like we've fabulous coffees at home all the time. A cup of commercial brew from a chain store is better than a cup of instant powder aiiight. I'll have better luck this weekend with coffee in another continent. I woke up this morning dreaming of strong, aromatic flat whites. Kekekekkekek.

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